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        FRA Fiore Cavemore Complete Bridle

        € 186,50* In Stock, shipment 1-2 days
        With rings on the nose and shanks of your choice... Show more
        28 variations Color: Black, Maat: Cob, Fittings: Silver, Shanks: Ster
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        This product is available in the following variants:

        Product description

        The Cavemore Fiore is the latest bridle from the Freedom Riding Articles brand and is available in the colors black and brown in the sizes cob, and full. The Cavemore Fiore has an adjustable nose and chinstrap, a jawstrap, and a browband. The headpiece is anatomically designed and softly padded. The noseband is wide, equipped with three movable rings, and softly padded. The noseband and browband have a net-shaped relief. The bridle is adjustable on the cheek pieces and the shanks are attached with a saumur closure. The Cavemore Fiore bridle comes with a divisible smooth leather rein with buckle closures at the ends. For use of the cavesson part, we recommend ordering a rein with a clip. 

        How it works

        A Cavemore is a bitless bridle and a combination between a hackamore and cavesson. The Cavemore in combination with the star wheel and flower shanks has multiple holes allowing it to be used in different ways, also called a hybrid. With shanks with several holes, slots, the reins can be attached to the scissors with more and less action.
        With the cavesson function, you can drive with cavesson alone and in combination with the hackamore. To be able to use both options, a second rein is used, just like the bar and snaffle bridle. This bridle is extremely suitable for the Academic rider who first trains the horse through groundwork or work in hand and then riding to let the horse slowly take more weight on the hindquarters.


        The hackamore portion is used as a refinement of the aids through a direct release. A direct release means that when the pressure of the reins disappears, the pressure of the bridle on the horse's head immediately. The hackamore is not intended as a handbrake, but when horses pull the reins out of your hands or put their head in the air, the hackamore can be more clear as a boundary than a jaw-crossed system.

        To customize

        • Make sure that the noseband is connected to the horse's head, so that shifting is prevented and the hackamore has the right effect
        • The jaw strap fits snugly over the jaw to stabilize the nose strap and prevent the cheek pieces from sliding into the eyes due to the action of the scissors.
        • The noseband should never lie too low on the nose, blocking the respiratory tract, and rest on the fragile nose bone.
        • The top of the shanks has at least one finger width space between the sensitive cheekbone.
        • The noseband is long enough so that the cheekpieces are not pulled forward, but lie in a straight line down from the headpiece 

        leather colors

        • Black with silver-colored buckles and scissors
        • Brown (havana) with silver-colored buckles and shanks 

        shanks choice:

        starmusicFlower Long
        Flower 8 Ringsbarco  

        Maintenance :

        After use, wipe with a damp cloth. Grease if necessary or if used weekly, grease once a week.



        Article number
        Direct release
        High leather Quality
        Pony, Cob, Full
        Black, Brown
        Silver colored
        Nose band
        Broad and soft padded
        anatomically shaped
        Split reins with buckle
        Freedom Riding Articles


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        5 from 5
        The fit behind the ears and brow band is excellent. My horse is very comfortable in this headstall. It fits large though for north american purchasers its bigger than our "full" dressage bridles. Love the length of reins my horse can take a full stretch forward down.
        Posted by: Adiva Murphy on 5 July 2022


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