F.R.A. Fiore Hackamore

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Article number: 3320642117
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The Fiore Hackamore nose part can be attached to an English bridle or headstall. With an English bridle, you remove the nose part and attach the hackamore to the cheek pieces where the bit is normally attached. The hackamore falls under system 2 of the Freedom Riding Articles bitless diagram.

  • Nosepart with FRA shanks of your choice
  • Softly padded wide noseband
  • Adjustable noseband and chin strap
  • Colors black and brown
  • Sizes pony, cob, full 
  • No reins and headstall included
  • Silver fittings

F.R.A. system 2: pressure on the nose and direct reins

Size: The Fiore nose part is al little bigger than normal. We advise ordering one size smaller.

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