Excellent Fenelook

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Fenelook for healthy respiratory tract and in support of general condition, digestion, and resistance building up!

Fenelook contains the good properties of fenugreek and garlic. Fenugreek is an herb that provides healthy airways and builds up resistance. In addition, fenugreek supports good digestion. Garlic is good for optimal resistance, healthy airways, and shiny coat. Garlic has blood-purifying and health-promoting qualities.
Fenelook is naturally rich in minerals and vitamins for the optimization of the general condition of the horse.

The power of fenugreek and garlic bundled together in a unique product.

Feeding advice
Horse: mix 20 - 30 g per day per day with the food.
Pony: mix 10 to 20 g per day per day with the food.

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