Kerbl Farm battery Horse Clipper

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FarmClipper4 Shearing Station for Horse and Cattle
Now even better with Supra Shearing Blades! Also perfect for shaving cattle.
• Perfect shearing and cutting performance thanks to fitting with Supra Shearing Blades. Even very dirty animals or matted fur are no obstacle to the new FarmClipper4!
• Universal shearing machine for cattle and horses
• Powerful motor delivering 200 Watt DC
• Optimised weight distribution for low-fatigue working
• Attractive, ergonomic design
• Incl. Supra Shearing Blade Set 31/15 teeth
200 W DC = 400 W AC
Clipper & blades

Power: 3000 rpm
Voltage: 230 V
Noise level: 85 dB (A)
Upper blade: 15 teeth
Lower blade: 31 teeth

Weight: 1190 grams
Cable length: 5 meters
Cutter: 31cm x 8cm
Case: 40cm x 10cm

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