Excellent Equi Gastro Support

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Equi Gastro Support for support the stomach and maintain a normal gastric acidity!
Supplementary feed for horses.
Equi Gastro Support contains a unique and effective composition with specific ingredients: Bismuth for calming and protecting the stomach. Calcareous mineral algae to support and maintain a normal gastric acidity. Calcium carbonate to neutralize the contents of the stomach and to relax the stomach.
Equi Gastro Support has a stomach adhesive strengthening influence and protects the stomach wall.
Equi Gastro Support to prevent behavior problems as a result of gastric discomfort.
Supports effective in stomach discomfort with visible results.
Feed instruction
In case of sudden stomach issues: give your horse Equi Gastro Support for 60 successive days.

For prevention and general stomach support:
Horse: 30 gr per day.
Pony: 20 gr per day.
Apply the recommended daily dosage. Do not use for horses with kidney problems or in combination with a tetracycline antibiotic.

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