Excellent Equi Bronchi Liquid

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Equi Bronchi Liquid for effective support and care of the respiratory system until deep into the lungs and bronchi!
Supplementary feed for horses.
Equi Bronchi Liquid contains natural herbs with specifically support and take care the health and support of the complete respiratory system until deep into the bronchi.
Equi Bronchi Liquid is perfectly absorbable and usable for quick result, because of the liquid form.
Equi Bronchi Liquid for clean respiratory and optimal lung function. The horse can breath free and absorb better oxygen. In continuous use to optimize the endurance and performance.
The advantage in a row:
• Natural support of the bronchial functions
• Soothing effect on the respiratory system
• Relieving in the respiratory system by discomfort
• Expectorant
The most powerful approach for the respiratory, the horse can breathe free.
Feed instruction
Use at start:
Horse / pony: 3 x per day 30 ml mixed with the feed during 3 – 5 days.
Maintenance for daily use:
Horse / pony: 2 x per day 30 ml mixed with the feed.

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