FNA Elper Horse Balm

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The FNA Elper Horse Balm with 100% natural ingredients is the replacement for the FNA Warendorfer Balm. The new, improved formula with only natural kind to skin ingredients as wool fat (lanolin) and ten essential oils supports the skin for natural healing. 


  • Penetrates deep into the skin
  • Improves blood flow
  • Supports the self-healing ability
  • Anti-bacterial effect
  • Has an inflammation inhibiting effect
  • Makes the skin more resilient
  • Soothes the skin
  • Also, for human use (rough hands, chapped, irritated and damaged skin)


  • Abrasions
  • Wound repair through better circulation (do not use on open wounds)
  • For bruises
  • For joint pain
  • Crown edges
  • Itch-relieving (tail root)
  • For insect bites (calming effect)
  • In the pastern hollows

Basic ingredients:

  • Lanolin (Wool Grease)
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Marigold Meceraat
  • Shea Butter

Essential Oils:

  • Peppermint (Mentha Arvensis)
  • Arnica (Arnica Montana)
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)
  • Tamanu Calophyllum Inophyllum)
  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus)
  • Elemi (Canarium Luzonicum)
  • Wintergreen (Gaultheria Procumbens)
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia)
  • Niaouli (Melaleuca Viridiflora)
  • Strawflower (Helichrysum Italicum)

Packaging :

  • 250 ml (standard)
  • 800 ml (frequent use)
  • 11 ml (trial)
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