WH Eggbutt 18mm, Dubble jointed

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Eggbutt with stainless steel rings and mouthpiece with 62% copper, which promotes chewing and saliva flow. The copper alloy is nickel-free, and the mouthpiece has a thickness of 18 mm.
The eggbutt is a basic bit and generally a soft bit. The bit rings cannot turn, and manual action has an immediate effect. The eggbutt has a fairly stable position in the mouth. The eggbutt is recommended for young horses and a rider with a normal to soft hand.
  • Dubble jointed eggbutt
  • A basic bit with soft impact
  • With copper mouthpiece
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Bit rings are not necessary
  • Suitable for riders with a soft to normal hand
  • Suitable for the young to highly trained horses
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