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        Groundwork & Horsemanship

        Groundwork & Horsemanship

        Groundwork is the basis for your horse in which you work together, coordinate communication, increase mutual respect and trust and prepare the (young) horse for further training. Groundwork is also a nice change from riding and lunging.
        With groundwork, you train the horse from the ground, where you connect with your horse with a lunge line or lead rope. Although to start with the groundwork, you need several tools; this depends on how you want to carry out the groundwork. With groundwork, you can teach the horse new exercises where you get stuck with riding. You confirm the movement of the exercise during the groundwork, after which you learn it under the saddle.
        According to the Natural Horsemanship method, you use a:

        According to the principles of the Classical and Academic Art of Riding (Straightness Training), for groundwork, you use:

        As an incentive for your horse, you can use feed rewards during training. When teaching something new, you can reward the horse when the desired answer is given to the help, and the incorrect answer is ignored. The moment the horse does something good, you can give the horse candy as a reward. To prevent your trouser and jacket pockets from being full of crumbs, you can put the sweets in a treat bag, which you hang from your belt.


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