D&P Curb Rein Soft Feel

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Delivery time: Customized 8-12 weeks + shipping

From the Soft Feel line from Deuber and Partner, these super smooth reins.

This rein has been taken out of production by Deuber & Partner and can therefore no longer be ordered! Art of Riding still has a number in stock these are available in the store.

Choose your basic color leather and select your favorite color for the padding. Create your own unique color combination that suits you and your horse.

  • Length rein 300cm
  • Width 14 mm
  • Length 320 cm
  • Conway buckle closure
  • Continuous rein
  • Smooth leather
  • Nubuck or Nappa padding leather

In stock:

  • Black (basic leather), black padded with Nappa leather and silver fittings
  • African (basic leather), brown padded with Nappa leather and golden fittings

Other colors by pre-order. Delivery time approx 6 weeks + shipping time. Production location is in South America.


  • Smooth leather: Black, African, Havanna, Chestnut, and Nature
  • Nappa and Nubuck leather: Sand, Gray, Cognac, Brown, Black, Turquoise, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Finish: Silver or Gold

Leather information:

Smooth leather: The most used leather for saddles, boots, and bridles. This is the basic leather of which the product is made

Nappa leather: This is the grain leather and widely used for the softly padded areas of the bridles.

Nubuck leather: This is smooth leather that is roughened to create a velvety appearance.

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