USG Connection Pony

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Bitless bridle USG connection is a cross-jaw bridle in leather with crossed cords. The cross-under Connection is softly padded at the noseband and browband. The jaw cords run behind the ears through rings on the noseband to the integrated rein. The length of the rein can be adjusted by moving the screws. The bridle is adjustable on the cheekpieces and noseband.

  • cross-over bitless bridle "Connection"
  • softly padded noseband and browband
  • including web reins
  • adjustable on cheekpieces and noseband
  • color: brown
  • size pony (sizes cob and full are available from bitless in the shop)
  • material leather with crossed jaw cords
  • brand USG

The rein:

Material webbing with a ring at the ends to which the jaw cords are attached. The rein can be lengthened or shortened through a small flat screw at the ends of the rein.

Crossed System:

When the cross rein is applied, asking the right rein increases the pressure against the left side of the lower cheek (jaw). By asking through the left rein, the pressure is created on the right side of the lower cheek (jaw). By asking for the rein, the horse will give way to the pressure, and twists and turns can be ridden. The equal effect on both reins provides pressure on the nose, neck, and jaw all over the horse's head; that allows speed changes to be made by making a stop, and the transition to a halt can be made.

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