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        Classical Art of Riding & Academic Art of Riding

        Classical Art of Riding & Academic Art of Riding

        Do you educate your horse following the principles from the old school? Are you looking for tools to train your horse according to the principles of the Academic Art of Riding? Art of Riding shop is specialized in the Academic Art of Riding and Bitless Riding! In our webshop, you will find tools to train your horse according to Academic Art Riding principles, such as a cavesson, reins, bits, and bridle parts. De shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! Take a look at all the possibilities in our webshop and order easy and quick online.
        What is the Academic Art of Riding?
        The Academic Art of Riding is a way of education in which you can train your horse. This education is according the principles of the old riding with the aim to make your horse stronger and more supple: by using the natural talents and develop the strength of the horse to perform on the highest possible level, without to influence the natural movement of the horse.  As every person is left or right handed, a horse also has a natural asymmetry. When the natural asymmetry of the horse is not corrected, this can lead to leg and back problems by the horse. By training your horse according to the principles of the Academic Art Riding, gymnastic exercises make your horse stronger, more supple and the natural talents of the horse are better utilized. By correcting the natural asymmetry of the horse, and developing the strength the horse comes into balance. The exercises ensure that the balance of your horse is improved and the strength of your horse is further developed so that the rider can be perfectly balanced during the highest achievable exercises that the horse naturally possesses.
        The physical and mental health of the horse is the most important thing in the Academic Art of Riding. Every training is carefully constructed and each exercise has a logical place in the training schedule. Gradually the horse gets stronger and stronger and is able to make pure movements. For Academic Art, it is all about thinking about how and why a certain exercise is done. In order to train a horse according to the principles of Academic Art, a few tools are often used. In order to carry out the training of the Academic Art well, is often used a cavesson, reins with a snap, cavemore, bit, bareback pad and certain headstall parts. You can order all these tools easy and quickly at the Art of Riding shop in order to train your horse well according to the principles of the Academic Art!
        Easy and quick online ordering!
        Curious about the products of Art of Riding for the Academic Art? View our webshop and order easily online. Do you have any questions or do you want more information? Please contact us!
        The Academic Art of Riding combines the thoughts and findings of the great masters in the art of riding. The current Academic Art aims to bring the old thoughts back to life. The nature of the horse is paramount for the Academic Art Riding. The physical and the psychological well-being are in the first place on the priority list. In order to achieve perfection in Academic Riding, the theory is the most important part. For this, first, think at all times and only then do it. The training starts with the help of a cavesson with a clip-on rein. Ultimately, we strive to ride single-handed on a kandare (curb bit)
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