Christ Horsedream Cloud Special Plus barebackpad

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The  Christ treeless saddle "CLOUD special plus" has completely sheepskin on the underside. 30mm wool in the seat area and 15mm on the sides.

It has a saddle flap and sweat flap which allows the use of detachable leather blocks that are fixed by Velcro. These give additional support and allow gymnastic jumps.
The cantle receives its fit by a special composite foam core which is already performed as a seat.

As with all Christ treeless saddles, stirrups can be attached. Composite foam inserts are included as standard.


  • Natural - Black - Natural (262)
  • Anthracite - Black - Natural (462)
  • Brown - Brown - Natural (772)


  • Pony length: 58 cm
  • Full length: 64 cm 

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