Finesse Cavestall Cavesson-Bridle

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Article number: CVST350
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The ideal combination of a Lunging Cavesson and a bridle in one. The bridle has an anatomically shaped part behind the poll and is thick and softly padded. The Cavesson does not contain iron in the noseband. The Cavestall is made out of English quality leather and hand-stitched in England.


  • Combination of  a lunging cavesson and bit
  • Anatomically thick soft padded headpiece
  • Dutch design 
  • Handcrafted in England
  • English quality leather
  • Spaciously adjustable
  • Cavesson noseband is softly padded without iron
  • Three mobile rings on the nose
  • The bridle that does not shift!

The lunging Cavesson is also separated available in our store.

It is delivered, including a soft-lined headpiece for the Cavesson. To use the lunging, Cavesson separated by changing the headpiece.
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