Finesse Cavesson by Art of Riding

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The Finesse cavesson is a unique Dutch design. Made from the finest English quality leather  and hand crafted.

The cheekstrap is conducted with a ring on both sides that provide sliding of the cheekpieces in the eyes and shifting of the nose band.

The most versatile bridle for each training level of your horse. For using bitless as with bit. The ideal tool for longeing, work in hand, long rein and riding.


  • Soft padded noseband and behind the poll
  • Cheekpieces stabilized with ring attachment
  • Stabilized noseband because of a lower cheeklatch
  • Top Quality English leather
  • Uniek Dutch Design
  • Size Universal (horse)
  • Adjustable headpiece at two places
  • Adjustable chin and cheekpieces


  • Black with Silver rings and buckles
  • Dark brown with Silver rings and buckles


  • Pony
    • Nose band: 26 cm
    • Nose strap: 48 cm - 58 cm
    • Head piece: 57 cm - 79 cm
    • Jaw strap: 15 cm - 25 cm
    • Length of intermediate piece: 7 cm (between jaw ring and nose ring)


  •  Horse
    • Noseband: 30 cm
    • Nose strap : 54cm - 64 cm (option 2 more holes to shorter)
    • Headpiece: 68 cm - 92 cm (length under cheekbone behind the poll and around))
    • Cheek latch: 18 cm - 28 cm 
    • Length joint: 7 cm (piece between the nose and cheek ring)
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