Marjoman Cavesson Vienna

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The Cavesson Vienna is handcrafted by Marjoman from European Olied Cow leather. The cavesson Vienna has a browband, jaw strap, and a noseband. The noseband is softly padded and three movable rings are attached. The noseband is from double leather so the rings on the inside are not felt by the horse. Rings for a bit attachments are attached to the cheek straps, just above the noseband.
The Cavesson Vienna can be used during groundwork, lunging, work by hand and long reining, but also while riding.
The cavesson Vienna is made entirely from high-quality European Oiled leather and has the best Marjoman quality. The nose part contains outside the rings and buckles, no metal parts.
The Cavesson Oslo is supplied with or without bit straps. When choosing with bit straps, they will be delivered in the same color as the chosen Cavesson color.
The reins and bit straps are separated available in our store

Cob / VB:

  • Headpiece 69 - 97 cm,
  • Noseband 26 cm (between the cheekpieces)
  • Circumference noseband 52 - 61cm
  • Ring distance outer rings 16 cm
  • jaw strap 45 - 51 cm
  • Browband 40 cm

Full / WB:

  • Headpiece 82 - 108 cm
  • Noseband 29 cm
  • Circumference noseband 57 - 66 cm
  • Jaw belt 50 - 58 cm
  • Ring distance outer rings 17 cm
  • Browband 44 cm
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