Marjoman Cavesson Oslo

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The Cavesson Oslo handcrafted by Marjoman from European Oiled Cowhide Leather. The Cavesson Oslo is equipped with a browband, jaw strap, and noseband. Three movable rings are attached to the noseband, and two extra rings on both sides can be used as a side pull. Rings are connected to the cheekpiece just above the noseband, to which a bit can be attached with the aid of bit straps. The cavesson Oslo can be ordered with or without bit straps.
  • 5 rings on the noseband
  • adjustable at 4 points
  • Anatomically shaped behind the ears
  • Softly padded behind the ears
  • Double leather under the noseband
  • It can be used both without and with a bit
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  • Black with silver-colored buckles and rings
  • Brown with gold-colored buckles and rings
  • Chestnut with gold-colored buckles and rings
Size chart:


A - Nose circumference

B-jaw strap

C - headpiece




53 - 62cm

46 - 53 cm

83 - 100cm

40 cm

27 cm


57 - 64cm

52 - 57 cm

92 - 112cm

44 cm


Size measurement:
The size charter shows the sizes of this bridle. Measure the length to determine which size you need. The following sizes are required for this cavesson:
A: Nose circumference: 1-2 fingers under the cheekbone
B: Jaw strap: 1-2 fingers under the eye, to the other eye
C: Headstall: from the noseband, behind the ears to the noseband
In the blog, we explain how you can take measurements.

Usage :

The cavesson Olso can be used during groundwork, lunging, work in hand, long rein, and riding. The cavesson is made entirely of high-quality European leather and handcrafted in Spain. The nose part contains no metal parts other than the rings and buckles.
Wipe the bridle with a damp cloth after riding and grease it regularly. For more information about leather maintenance, please read our blog.
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