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The ideal cavesson for groundwork, work in hand, longing, and riding according to the Academic Art of Riding and Straightnesstraining.

The Cavesson Ecuyer by Deuber & Partner consists of a metal chain in the noseband, wrapped around with soft leather, which shapes perfectly around the nose of the horse.

The Ecuyer cavesson is widely adjustable and therefore suitable for many different horses. Reins with a snap are separated available.

The color black is temporarily sold out and will be back in stock by mid-May!


  • Easy to use in the training
  • Ideal for groundwork, longeing, work in hand and riding
  • Perfect for Straightness training and Academic Art of Riding
  • Supple leather that feels comfortable in the hand of the rider
  • The cavesson fits closely to the head of the horse
  • Spaciously multiple places adjustable
  • Supple high-quality leather for long use
  • Three movable rings attached to the noseband


  • Black - Silver fittings
  • Brown (African) - Silver fittings

The leather is a natural product, so the colors may differ slightly from the photo.


  • Noseband: 25 cm (10”)
  • Chin strap: adjustable from 18 to 32 cm (7 to 12.5") (part with buckle 8 cm (3"), Other part 31 cm  (12"))
  • Troath latch: adjustable from 38 to 60 cm (15 to 23.5"). Part with buckle 20 cm (8"), other part 50 cm (19.6").
  • Head with cheek pieces: adjustable from 74 to 96 cm (29 to 37.8"). Part with buckle 20 cm (9"), part over the neck is 84 cm (33").

Fitting instructions for the cavesson

  • Make sure that the noseband is connected to the horse's head so that shifting is prevented and the cavesson has the right effect.
  • The throat latch is connected to stabilize the cavesson and prevent the cheekpieces from sliding into the eyes.
  • The noseband should never be too low on the nose, that it is blocking the respiratory system, and lying on the fragile nose bone.
  • For most horses, the noseband is at the same height as an English bridle, 2-3 finger-widths below the cheekbone.
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