WH Cavesson Basic Pony

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The Cavesson Basic from the Waldhausen brand is lightweight, durable, and made of nylon. The nose area is softly padded. A cavesson is an indispensable tool for working on the lunge, for training young horses, and for working on the hand or long lines, so the sensitive horse's mouth is spared. The rings on the nose offer various attachment options for lunging or auxiliary reins.
  • Basic cavesson of nylon
  • Lightweight material
  • Softly subtle noseband
  • Three movable rings on the noseband
  • An indispensable aid for lunging, groundwork, and work on the long lines
  • Adjustable in four places
  • Size Pony (sizes Cob, and Full available under bitless)
  • Colors Black and Azure blue
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