F.R.A. Cavesson Baro

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The cavesson Baro from the Freedom Riding Articles brand features a softly padded noseband with three movable rings. The headpiece is straight and softly padded behind the ears. The straight browband is softly padded, and the jaw strap ensures that the cheek pieces do not touch the eyes. The Cavesson Baro is widely adjustable on the cheek pieces, jaw strap, and chin strap. The bridle is wider than the average size. The Cavesson Baro is fitted with bit straps and supplied without reins; these are available separately in our shop. The Cavesson Baro falls under system 3 of the Freedom Riding Articles bitless bar.
  • Three movable rings on the noseband
  • adjustable at 4 points
  • softly padded behind the ears
  • softly padded noseband
  • detachable bit straps with buckle
  • available from size mini to the Shire
  • good leather quality
  • No reins included
  • Rings on the noseband can be felt at the bottom
  • Black with silver-colored buckles and rings
  • Havana with silver-colored buckles and rings
  • Mocha with silver-colored buckles and rings
Size chart:
Measure A - Nose circumference B-jaw strap C - headpiece Browband
Cob 55-64 cm 47 - 53 cm 97 - 111cm n.a.
Full 60 - 66 cm 53 - 58 cm 107-120cm n.a.
Shire n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
The pony and mini sizes are available in our pony shop

Size measurement:

The size table shows the dimensions of this bridle. Measure the length to determine which size you need. The following sizes are required for this cavesson:
A: Nose circumference: 1-2 fingers under the cheekbone
B: Jaw strap: 1-2 fingers under the eye
C: Headjoint: from the noseband, behind the ears to the noseband

In the blog, we explain how you can take measurements.

Adjust the cavesson Baro.
The nose part must be connected so that there is at least one finger space between the horse's head and the noseband. This prevents shifting, and the effect is optimal. The nose's height is variable per horse—at least one finger width from the cheekbones and not too low, obstructing the airways. The cavesson is not provided with a browband. The jaw strap provides stabilization and should be connected to prevent the cheek pieces from touching the eyes.
Category Bitless diagram FRA:
The cavesson falls under Category 3 of the FRA bitless diagram.
Usage :
The cavesson can be used during groundwork, lunging, work in hand, long reining, and riding. The nose part contains no metal parts other than the rings and buckles.
Wipe the bridle with a damp cloth after riding and grease it regularly. For more information about leather maintenance, please read our blog.
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