F.R.A. Cavesson Baro

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The Pony lunging Cavesson Baro by FRA is equipped with a softly padded noseband with 3 movable rings. The headpiece is straight and soft behind the ears. The Cavesson Baro is adjustable on the Cheek pieces, jaw- and chin strap. The bridle is wider than the normal sizing. The Cavesson Baro is delivered without reins, these are available separately in our shop. The Cavesson Baro falls under system 3 of the Freedom Riding Articles bitless diagram.


  • Entirely made from leather 
  • Three movable rings on the noseband
  • Soft padded noseband and headpiece
  • Adjustable chin-strap, jaw strap, and cheekpieces
  • Included Bit straps (removable)
  • Quality leather
  • With straight brow-band
  • Colors Black, Mokka (not in Draft) and Havanna (not in mini Shetty)
  • Sizes: Mini Shetty, Shetty, and Pony
  • No reins included
  • FRA system 3

Please note: The sizes are a little bigger, order one size smaller!

Extra information:

Multifunctional cavesson for use with and without a bit. The cavesson can be used for groundwork, work in hand, longeing en riding.


The Cavesson was already commonly used in the 17th century. It was Grandmaster in the Art of Riding De la Gueriniere who spoke largely about the bridle in his famous book " Escola de Cavelerie". Other famous riding masters of that period also preached and described the use of the cavesson.

Fitting instructions:

The noseband with rings must be that tight on the nose that there is 1 finger freedom between the horses head and the noseband. The cavesson will not move, and the effect will be optimal. The height on the nose can vary depending on the sensitivity of your horse. For less sensitive horses the noseband can be lower attached but not too low that the airways will be blocked. A cavesson does not have a browband. The purpose of the throat latch is to stabilize the bridle around the horses head and that the eyes are protected from the cheekpieces.


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