Cavemore Pony - Cob

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  • Size pony (pony up till cob)
  • Nosepiece is easily adjustable on two sides
  • Chin strap is easily adjustable on one side
  • Top quality leather
  • Low maintenance required
  • Back-curved shanks (small leverage)
  • Color black awith gold
  • Easy to attach to your own bridle (remove noseband)
  • Delivered without bridle and reins

This product leaves our range!

  • Adjustable from  46 cm -  60 cm (18.11 - 23.62 inch)
  • Widest part nosestrap: 5,5 cm (2.17 inch)
  • Width shanks: 7 cm (2.76 inch)
  • Length upper part shanks: 5 cm (1.97 inch)
  • Length lower bended part shanks: 10,5 cm (4.13 inch)

General information Cavemore.

For bitless riders the possibility was found to combine the cavesson and the hackamore, this resulted in the Cavemore. 
Within the Academic Art of Riding, the Cavesson became an irreplaceable instrument for the horse to learn to understand the rider's hand and to learn the position and the bow, without disturbing the horse in the mouth. 

Later in the training of the horse, the cavesson is combined with different bits, depending on the needs and education level of the horse. 
If during the training of the horse the bending of the hind legs is started and the hindquarters are lowered, it is a primary goal to keep the top line long and that the horse keeps searching for the rider's hand. 

The leverage through the Cavemore shanks has an effect on the horse's skull, which is similar to a curb bit. With this, we ask the horse to keep searching for the giving riders hand. 

It goes without saying that even Bitless Riding is not the replacement of a well-trained hand or communication with the horse. The refinement is always determined by the leading hand, and not by the tool that is used. 

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