F.R.A. Caval Cavemore Bridle

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  • Complete Cavemore bitless bridle
  • Top quality leather
  • With FRA shanks of your choice
  • Anatomically shaped headpiece
  • Softly padded noseband, chinstrap, and headpiece
  • Adjustable noseband, chinstrap, throat latch and  cheekpieces
  • Three movable rings on the noseband
  • Colors Black and Brown
  • Sizes Cob, Full and  Shire(XFull)
  • System 2 from the FRA Bitless Diagram



  • Top quality leather
  • 14 mm wide
  • Blind closure (stud hook)


Additional information:

The Cavemore bitless bridle, a combination between a hackamore and cavesson. The FRA Caval is performed with round shanks with a star in the middle. The Star shanks have multiple holes, which can be used in different ways, also called a hybrid.

Using options Star and Rose shanks:

  • Hackamore: The reins are attached vertically to the headstall
  • Sidepull: The reins are attached between the chinstrap and headstall
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