Tellington TTouch

Linda Tellington-Jones, founder of the Tellington TTouch® Method

In 1905 the grandfather of Linda Tellington-Jones introduced a massage technique for the racehorses of the Russian tsar he worked for. The horses then remarkably often won competitions. This made a big impression on Linda and thus laid the foundation for the Tellington TTouch® Method long ago.

Linda was so enthusiastic about the Feldenkrais method, that she started applying it to horses. The effect was that horses moved more consciously, relaxed better and accepted touch much easier. Together with her then partner Roger Russell, Linda subsequently developed the method called TTEAM®: Tellington Trust Equine Awareness Method.

TTEAM® was a huge success in horses and the method of deploying in dogs was a natural consequence. But also cats, orangutans, hamsters, snow leopards, elephants, whales, cockatoos, llamas, chimpanzees ... the list of animals that Linda Tellington-Jones has worked with, is now impressively long.

The success of the method resulted in two training courses: for horses and for companion animals. The names TTEAM® (for horses) and TTACT (for all other animals) have been changed to Tellington TTouch® Method, the method of the unique soft touch is also central to the name.

The Tellington TTouch® Method also has a very positive effect on people, which led to the separate training TTouch® for You. The method is very effective in relieving or better tolerating pain and is widely used in healthcare. The body's self-healing ability is stimulated by the touch. Because the humane method also focuses on building a relationship of trust, TTouch® for You makes contact between people easier.


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