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        Renate Essink - Thursday 1 June 2020

        Pro and cons of the Christ HorseDream Barebackpads

        The Christ HorseDream bareback pads from wonderfully soft merino wool and thick woven cotton. The seat area cann be removed on almost all models (except the Basic), by a zipper at the front and back of the seat. The seat is available in color natural, brown, and anthracite, depending on the color of the cotton from the barebackpad—the saddle blades made of thick woven cloth in the colors black and brown. The girth straps are attached to the saddle blades to which a dressage girth (Western girth on the Diamond model) can be attached. The girth straps are long, made of leather, and reinforced with nylon for long life service. The underside of the bareback pad, the side that comes on the horse, consists of naturally-colored sheep wool, and also have pockets for the inserts for pressure-distributing and are closed with Velcro to keep the inserts in place. On the saddle blade under the seat, are large rings attached to which stirrup leather can be connected (more information about the use of stirrups below).
        The properties of the Christ HorseDream bareback pads.
        • Made from real sheepskin
        • Sheep wool is water-repellent, regulates moisture and heat
        • Wonderfully soft and feels comfortable for rider and horse
        • All models are equipped with removable pressure-distributing inserts
        • All pads are supplied with removable inserts.
        • The seat is removable by a zipper (excluding the Basic)
        • Backbone freedom through the inserts
        • Possibility for stirrup attachment
        Benefits of Christ HorseDream:
        • Very soft for horse and rider.
        • With spine freedom.
        • Removable pressure distributing inserts.
        • Detachable seat (excluding Basic model).
        • Adapts to the horse's back (anatomically shaped).
        • With and without pollsters for support to the rider (depending on the model).
        • With a handle where the rider can hold on to.
        • Available in different models.
        • Long girth straps, making smaller sizes also suitable for large horses.
        • Matching saddle pad with insert pockets is separately available.
        • Premium model XH for horses with high to very high withers.
        • Standard saddle cover fits under the BBP to protect the pad.
        • Possibility of stirrup attachment
        • High-quality product for long and intensive use
        Cons of the Christ HorseDream barebackpads:
        • No V-girth system
        • Made from real sheepskin with skin
        • New wool is smooth and can shift on round ribbed horses.
        • Rings for stirrup attachment.
        • No removable handle
        Sizes and colors of the Christ HorseDream barebackpads.
        The bottom of the Christ bareback pad is always in the natural wool color. For the seat in the color anthracite and natural, the saddle flaps are black; the seat in brown, the saddle flaps are brown. The BBP is available in the sizes of Shetty-Pony, Pony-Cob, and Horse. Depending on the model, it may be different what size you need, both for the size and rider, and the length of the bareback pad for the horse or pony. With the front and back pollsters, for example, the Iberica has less room for the rider than the Basic plus model.
        Whether or not to ride with stirrups?
        With all Christ Lammfelle barebackpads, there is a possibility to attach stirrups with straps. The stirrup straps can be connected to a large ring under the seat of the bareback pad. This ring is attached to a belt that runs over the horse's back. The moment that pressure is on the stirrups, there will be pressure on 1 to 3 vertebrae of the horse or pony. The weight is not distributed over the horses back because the BBP has no saddletree, and we speak of a point load. The load is provided only on one to two vertebras and is not good for the horse's back, and therefore the use of stirrups is not recommended.
        For riders who would like to ride a bareback pad, but find it exciting or because you don't know how your "young" horse reacts to this, the safety of both is very important. You can choose not to ride with a bareback pad, and keep on wondering how you and your horse will do. But you can also choose to attach a stirrup at the bareback pad in the beginning, for safety. Standing in the stirrup should be avoided as much as possible!! Never use the stirrup to get on, use a step to get on your horse or pony. Make sure that it is high enough so that you can quickly get on. Build up the training quietly and let your horse and yourself get used to riding on a bareback pad, so that you both confidently and safely ride together on a bareback pad without unsafe situations.
        Washing instructions.
        Christ HorseDream uses an exclusive coloring process, which means that all Christ products can be washed in a standard washing machine. Before washing, the inserts and pollsters must be removed, and Velcro closed. The webbing with metal parts must be washed in a cloth bag (eg, pillowcase) to protect the metal and the washing machine. Wash the product on the wool wash or delicate wash program, set at 30 °C. Only use the special Christ C7 detergent specially made for these products. The C7 detergent is an environmentally friendly washing concentrate that is very economical to use and will last a long time. By adding a fabric softener, you keep the leather supple.
        When the washing program includes centrifuging, the product can be dried in a dryer, set to max—40 °C. The movement and heat in the dryer ensure that the product remains soft and supple. The sheepskin product can also be dried in the fresh air, but only in a shady area. Do not dry your product in the sun or on the heating!
        Standard washing powders or wool detergents for textiles and wool are not suitable for washing sheepskin products because they extract important fats and tannins from the leather, making the sheepskin hard and brittle.
        About Christ HorseDream.
        Christ HorseDream is a German family business with production facilities in Germany, Uruguay, and in the Philippines. The sheepskin product line, including fashion, horse dream, dog dream, baby sweat, and medical, are sold worldwide through various specialty shops.
        With more than 50 years of experience in producing products from high-quality leather and lambskin and withits tannery, Christ HorseDream is one of the most modern in the world. In this way, they offer the ideal conditions for treating the sheepskin in the raw state with the help of a particular process. They only use the very best raw materials for the assortment and produce it all in-house, and we guarantee a consistently high level of quality.
        In recent years, our tannery has received various awards from environmental organizations for its environmentally-friendly production methods and exemplary working conditions. Since 1997, Christ HorseDream has been certified by the Leather Institute of the tannery school in Reutlingen, and the products bear the seal "Manufactured with environmentally friendly methods and tested for harmful substances."
        The most sold BBP models from Christ HorseDream.
        Iberica PlusPremium PlusBasic PlusCloud Special
        + Baroque Style
        + Short saddle blades
        + Front polster
        + Back polster
        + Saddle model
        + Long saddle blades
        + Upper leg support
        + Raised back
        + Saddle model
        + Long saddle blades
        + No support
        + seat not removable
        + Jump model
        + Short saddle blades
        + Leather blocks
        + back and front support
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