Does my horse accept the bitless bridle?

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Does my horse accept the bitless bridle?

You have made the switch to bitless with your horse, but you doubt whether you have the right bridle or whether it fits. This checklist helps you to find out.

Whether you have been riding bitless for a while or have just made the switch, this checklist regarding some symptoms will help you to find out if you have chosen the right system or if your bridle fits properly.


  • Head-Shaking or restless with the head
  • Distracted 
  • Against the hand
  • Behind the rein 
  • Not being or going forward (slow or short steps)
  • Flight behavior / scary (too fast)
  • Not or not being able to steer
  • Irregularity or stiffness
  • Bridle lameness
  • No pure tact
  • Damage to the bridle (cracking of reins and straps)
  • Wounds on the head
  • Tension in the body (neck, back, jaw etc.)
  • High head carriage
  • Bending problems
  • No stretching of the neck forward-downwards
  • Not stepping under
  • Itching at the head after riding
  • Fall over or on the shoulders
  • Raise lips
  • Tongue sticking out / tongue problems
  • Ground teeth
  • Heavy in the hand



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