Chicago Screw how it works

Chicago Screw how it works

The Chicago screw is often used at horse equipment. Especially at bridles. It is a fastening system. How it works you can read here in our blog

This fastening system is used by the following products from Art of Riding.

  •     Headstall Bitless
  •     Cavemore Strap
  •     Academic Strap


How does this it works?

This fastening system exists in a bolt and nut.

1. The bolt is a fastener with the screw-thread. The head from the bolt contain a specially formed shape that allows it to be   driven by a screwdriver. The nut is a fastener with a threaded hole

2. The nut is pushed true the holes in the leather. The bolt can be driven in the nut with the screwdriver.

Options for fastening.

It is possible to show the bolt or the nut in front.
They can simple be changed. It's your choice.

             Multi Sidepull                                                     Academic Strap                                   

Note: Check the screw on regular basis if it’s still fast enough!




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