Bridle Measurements

Bridle Measurements

Measurement instructions for the Bitless Bridle in our shop

Are you unsure whether the bitless bridle size from our shop fits your horse or pony?

We receive many questions about the bridle sizes, and that is why we have written this blog for you to determine whether your bridle or nose part fits. To ensure that the item fits, we recommend that you follow the instructions below.
Three sizes are essential:
A. Nose circumference, measured at 2-3 fingers under the cheekbone.
B. Length of jaw strap, measured from eye to eye on 2-3 fingers under the eye.
C. Headpiece, measured behind the ears from noseband to noseband (see A)
If you have a suitable English bridle, you can also take the measurements.
Remove the part whit the noseband from the bridle. Measure the inner circumference of the closed noseband (A).
Then measure the length of the headpiece attached to it from noseband to noseband (C).
Then place this part around the horse's head to measure the jaw length (B).
What sizes do you need for our products:
Cavesson Art of Riding A - C
Cavesson  A B C
Hackamore nose part A - -
Sidepull nose part A - -
Cavemore nose part A - -
Bitless bridle - B C
Hackamore Bridle A B C
Cavemore Bridle A B C
Training halter A - -


Note: not for all products are size charts available! In the information by the bridles, you find the size chart from the bridle when available. 


  1. Renate Essink Renate Essink

    There are three rings on the nose by the FRA Baro Cavesson. The middle ring can be used for lunging on one rein and groundwork. The two outer rings are for rein attachment during riding, long reining or to attach a lunging aid.

  2. Sandra Batchelor Sandra Batchelor

    What are all the metal rings for on fra lundging cavesson keto. Side ones are probably for lundging. What is the middlebone for

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