Side pull - Bitless bridle with direct rein contact

Searching for a side pull? The side pull is the ideal bitless bridle to start with if you want to ride bitless with your horse. It feels the same as riding with a bit. The difference is that the Side Pull gives pressure on the nose instead of in the horse's mouth. The side pull has a direct rein contact and feels almost like riding with a bit and will be accepted by nearly all horses and ponies. In the online store from Art of Riding, you can purchase the right side pull for your horse. We are the specialist in bitless horseriding and have a broad range that makes horse riding a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. And you also build up a good relationship of trust with your horse. We would like to tell you more about the countless possibilities of bitless riding.

What is a Side Pull?

A side pull is a bitless bridle or nose part, made out of leather or rope, and has no bit. The side pull is a bitless system with direct rein contact, without disturbing the horse in the mouth. The side pull is an ideal bitless bridle to start with from the first training of a young horse. Due to the direct rein contact, this bridle gives you the feeling of riding with a bit. The cavesson and rope halters are similar to a side pull. In our assortment, you will find all different types of side pull bridles.

Want to ride your horse on a Side Pull?

The side pull is a bitless bridle designed to ride the horse bitless without disturbing in the mouth. It is the ideal bridle to train your horse from the beginning and to retrain your horse from bit to bitless. Your bridle must be from good quality and well fit. A bridle that doesn't fit well gives you and your horse never the perfect connection and training. At Art of Riding, you are assured of this quality.

About us

At Art of Riding, you will find everything you need to go bitless with your horse. Whether you are looking for a bitless bridle like a side pull or a barebackpad: you always find your perfect bitless bridle with us. Renate Essink founded Art of Riding in 2014. She started riding with a borrowed horse, which eventually led to her horse. Soon she discovered the many possibilities of riding: horse riding without a bit, using a barebackpad and for example a side pull! There are so many benefits associated with it. Experience it yourself too!

In the Art of Riding store you find:

Order your side pull in our store!

Want to buy a side pull or cavesson? You can find it in our online store! If you have any questions, we are always at your service to help you. Please contact us. Is your horse young, or are you an inexperienced bitless rider? Then we recommend a Side Pull or a Cavesson. You can also contact us because we are happy to provide you with experienced advice.

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