Bitless Shanks - Hackamore and Cavemore

The hackamore is invented in Spain and called "Jaquima" which means halter or headstall. Today better-known as hackamore bit or just hackamore. The hackamore is a bridle without a bit and puts pressure on the horse's chin, nose and behind the ears.

The hackamore is a direct contact bitless bridle providing instant release. The hackamore is not a bridle to be ridden with constant contact. The hackamore is advised for horses that are been ridden in self-carriage and used as a secondary aid to support the seat and leg aids.

The longest shanks in our store are mid-length and shorter. The shanks are attached to the cheek pieces, noseband, and curb strap. The reins are attached to the lowest hole of the shanks. The shanks like the flower and star have multiple options for rein attachment. By the different attachments, the hackamore will act in different ways.

With a strong horse, the longer shank is not always the best option. The longer the shanks the more action you need by reins before the shank will act. 

In our store, you will find the follow bitless shanks

  • Flower
  • Long Flower
  • Star
  • Baroque
  • Wheel
  • Classic
  • Academic


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