Scawbrig Bitless Bridle

The Scawbrig is a bitless bridle with a soft, unique chin strap for lighter communication and prevents the nose strap from twisting when adding pressure via the reins.

What is Scawbrig for a bitless system?

The Scawbrig has a noseband with a ring on both sides. The Scawbrig is characterized by a strap under the chin of the horse and is provided with soft padding. There are two rings on this chin strap that go through the rings that are attached to the noseband. This unique system ensures that the noseband does not turn by rein aids.

How does the Scawbrig system work?

As soon as pressure is exerted via both reins, the pressure is added at the chin of the horse, and the noseband closes a little around the horse's nose. The horse yields as soon the pressure is applied. As soon as the pressure is released, the noseband will open again to natural. Thanks to the excellent release, light communication with your horse are possible.

The Scawbrig can also be used as a Side Pull; this is recommended when starting to ride a Scawbrig. Use a rein with clip closure and attach the clip through both the chin strap and noseband ring.

When can you use a Scawbrig system?

The Scawbrig is an ideal system for the horse that responds well to leg aids, reasonably well to seat aids, and is steerable. The Scawbrig is less suitable to start when breaking in because the Sawbrig is less clear in turning aids than with a standard Side Pull system.

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