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        Nosebands Bitless

        Nosebands for attachment to the scissors bitless and rein rings Show more


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        The bitless nose straps with a loose chin strap can easily be attached to the bitless shanks or rein rings. Combine the bitless nose straps with the bitless shanks and rein rings and put together your own side pull, hackamore and cavemore.

        Give your bridle a new look

        Do you already have of a Side Pull, Hackamore or Cavemore then you can replace the noseband with a new noseband that gives your bitless bridle a whole new look. Exchange your old noseband with a new one, so there is no need to buy a whole new bridle.

        What are the differences in the noseband?

        The loose nose straps from our range are from leather, softly padded and available in various widths. Because the nose straps are softly padded, it feels soft for the horse and prevents abrasion and pressure marks on the nose.

        Which noseband is the softest for my horse?

        This is different per horse. Every horse has different sensitivity on the nose. Horses with a white nose or grey horses are generally more sensitive to pressure and abrasion spots on the nose. A soft and not too small noseband is recommended for these horses.

        A wide noseband provides a pressure distribution over a larger surface and a narrow noseband has a pressure distribution over a smaller surface. For the very sensitive horses, a wide noseband is more pleasant and for normal to less sensitive horses a narrower noseband is more pleasant. Ultimately, the horse decides which noseband fits best and what the best response is. The best reaction on the type of noseband is also depending on the rider's hand.

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