Lunging Cavesson

Are you looking for a lunging cavesson? The lunging cavesson is the ideal bitless bridle for groundwork, lunging, work in hand and riding. Riding your horse with the cavesson gives you the same feeling as riding with a bit, but then without a bit in the mouth of the horse. The cavesson is, for example, an ideal tool to educate the (young) horse in particular without disturbing it in the mouth. At Art of Riding, you can find the right cavesson for your horse. We are the specialist in this field and have a large offer that makes horse riding a lot friendlier. You also build up a good relationship of trust with your horse in bitless. We would like to tell you more about the countless possibilities.

What is a cavesson?

A cavesson is a leather bridle with three or five movable rings at the noseband. The cavesson, as you just read, does not have a throat strap like an English bridle. Instead, it has a cheek strap. The jaw cheek strap prevents the cheek pieces from sliding into the horse's eye. The noseband can be equipped with a chain or it consists entirely of leather and softly padded. In our store, you only find the soft feel cavesson without a metal chain in the noseband.

Are you looking for a cavesson?

A cavesson is a centuries-old tool that is used for groundwork, work in hand, long reining, lunging and riding. It is important that cavesson is made of high-quality leather because you not only enjoy it for a long time, but it is also a lot more pleasant to use. At Art of Riding, you are assured of this quality.

About Art of Riding

Art of Riding was founded in 2014 by Renate Essink. She herself also rides horses and over the years she has come into contact with various tools for riding. For example, riding without a bit. She experienced so much freedom and pleasure that she also wanted to share this with others. Art of Riding offers you all these possibilities. In our webshop, you will not only find a cavesson, but also all possibilities to ride a horse without a bit.

What will you find in our store?

In our assortment we have:

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