Horseman Halter

Would you like to train your horse in the Natural Horsemanship, Horse Agility, or groundwork? Then you will find various supplies for this in our shop at Art of Riding. In our range, you will find rope halters, lead ropes in multiple sizes and lengths for the beginner to the professional.

Art of Riding offers a wide choice in Horseman halters, in various thicknesses and sizes of the FRA® brand. All FRA® halters are professionally finished in detail to prevent fraying. Two of the three versions are available in the FRA® ruchi colors like the FRA® Babia and FRA® Pablo. All halters can also be used as a riding halter. All halters of the brand FRA® come with a manual for each halter and with an FRA brand label.

FRA® professional riding training halters close to the horse's head. They should be on the tight side at first, as the halter stretches a little during use and the buttons tighten a bit, making the halter slightly more spacious.

The riding and training halters can be used very versatile. The specific purpose and practical use can be different for each situation and will, therefore, have to be coordinated by the user or in combination with professional advice.

You measure the size for FRA® halters by taking the circumference of the nose just below the cheekbones:

  • 52-60cm pony
  • 60-68cm medium
  • 68-78cm horse

FRA® riding training halters can be washed at a low temperature, if the halter has leather, use a special leather wool detergent.

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