Hackamore - Bitless Horse riding with leverage

Are you looking for a hackamore bit? The hackamore bit has no mouthpiece and is therefore not in the horse's mouth. Because of this, there is no pressure on the tongue or the layers of the horse, but gives pressure behind the ears, chin, and nose. The hackamore is a bit less tool with a mechanical leverage, comparable to a curb. In the Art of Riding shop, you can go for a hackamore! In addition, you will find many more products in our webshop that make riding more horse-friendly.

Why Choose a hackamore?

It is understandable that it may be a little unclear which hackamore you have to choose. There is often a lot of choices and that does not make it any easier. A hackamore works as follows. When you pick up the reins, the scissors tilt backward and upwards. This movement creates a downward and backward pressure on the nose. The chin strap comes into action and puts pressure on the chin. Through the cheek pieces, there is a pressure behind the ears of the horse. The amount of pressure depends on the length of the scissors and the softness of the rider's hand.

How do I know if the noseband fits?

You may wonder how you can know exactly whether a noseband fits. First, you have to determine the nose circumference. Place 2-3 fingers under the cheekbone and then measure the circumference. Then it is important that you measure from eye to eye on 2-3 fingers under the eye. This is for the length of the jaw strap. Finally comes the headpiece. You should measure this behind the ears from noseband to noseband. Are you still not completely out? Then we're glad to help!

About us

In the Art of Riding shop, you will find everything you need for your horse. Whether you are looking for a bridle for bitless riding, a hackamore or something else: you always succeed with us. Renate Essink founded Art of Riding in 2014. She herself started riding with a horse, which eventually led to her own horse. Soon she discovered the many possibilities of riding: horse riding without a bit, using a barebackpad,  and for example a hackamore! There are so many benefits associated with it. Experience it yourself too!

In our store you will find:

Order your hackamore directly!

Order a hackamore? You can find it in our webshop! If you have any questions, we are always at your service to help you further. Please contact us. Is your horse young or are you a novice rider? Then we do not recommend a hackamore. You can also contact us for this because we are happy to provide you with tailor-made advice.

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