Hackamore Bridle with leverage

Are you looking for a hackamore bridle? The hackamore has no mouthpiece and cannot hurt the delicate mouth of the horse. With the hackamore, there is no pressure on the tongue or layers of the horse, but gives pressure behind the ears, chin, and nasal bone. The mechanical hackamore with leverage is similar to a curb-bit. In our shop, we have a hackamore bridle with leverage and without leverage! Read more about that in our blog about the hackamore bridle. You will also find many more products in our webshop that make horse riding more horse-friendlier.

Choose a hackamore bridle

After reading our blog you will be able to choose your type of hackamore. There are different types of hackamore bridles available in the shop. A short explanation of how the hackamore acts; the shanks tilt backward and upwards via the pressure of the reins. This movement creates downward and backward pressure on the nose. The chin strap enters into force and then presses the chin. A pressure comes behind the ears of the horse through the cheekpieces. The amount of pressure depends on the length of the shanks and the action of the rider's hand. 

How do I know if the noseband fits?

With a self-assessment, you can determine if the noseband of the hackamore fits. A role to follow is that the noseband fits 2-3 finger widths under the cheekbone. Be aware that the shanks are not against the cheekbones. Make sure that the noseband is not fit to tight a role herefore is that you can place 2 fingers between the noseband and nasal bone. Read more about the fitting in our blog about the hackamore.

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Order a hackamore? You can find it in our online shop! If you have any questions, we are ready to help you, please contact us. Is your horse young or are you a novice rider? Then we do not recommend a hackamore. You can also contact us, we are happy to give you personal advice.

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