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        Cavemore - Bitless combination between cavesson and hackamore

        Combination between a cavesson and a hackamore Show more







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        FRA Fiore Cavemore

        FRA Fiore Cavemore

        Wide noseband with shanks of choice.
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        FRA Caval Cavemore

        FRA Caval Cavemore

        softly padded with shanks of choice
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        € 58,18*
        Are you looking for a Cavemore? The Cavemore is the ideal multiple bitless bridles. Bitless riding is the same as riding with a bit, but by bitless, there is no bit in the mouth of the horse. The Cavemore, for example, is an ideal tool to help the horse for the collected work without disturbing it in the mouth.  The Cavemore is a bit less replacement for the double bridle. Art of Riding is the specialist in bitless riding and we have a large assortment that makes horse riding a lot more fun and enjoyable. You also build up a good relationship based on trust with your horse in this way. We would like to tell you more about the countless possibilities.
        What is a cavemore?
        A cavemore is a tool with the combination of a cavesson and a hackamore and usually made of leather. Three or two movable rings are attached to the noseband, this is the cavesson part. Shanks are attached between the noseband and chin strap, this is the hackamore part. The noseband consists entirely of leather and is softly padded. The cavemore part can be attached to your own English headstall. The cavemore is also available as a complete bridle with reins in our store.
        Are you looking for a cavemore?
        The cavemore is a new tool and designed to educate the horse bitless towards more in the collection. In the academic art of riding, the curb bit with a cavesson is used, instead of that the cavemore can be used as a bitless option. It is important that this is always of a high quality because you not only enjoy it for a long time, but it is also a lot easier to use. At Art of Riding, you are assured of this quality.
        About Art of Riding
        Art of Riding was founded in 2014 by Renate Essink. She herself also educate horses bitless and over the years she has come into contact with various tools for bitless riding.  She experienced so much freedom and pleasure that she also wanted to share this with others. Art of Riding offers you all these possibilities. In our webshop, you will not only find a cavemore, but many more bitless options to ride a horse without a bit.
        What do you find in our store?
        Order a cavemore directly!
        Are you looking for a cavemore or do you want a side pull, bareback pad or something else? Order this directly in our webshop. Any questions? Or do you want more information? No problem: we are at your service at all times. Please contact us.
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