Bitless bridles

Do you want to ride your horse bitless? Do you no longer wish to use a bit with your horse? Or do you want to use it for a variety? More and more riders are choosing for bitless, and that is also very understandable. It is much more pleasant for your horse, and it ensures that your bond grows, and as a result, confidence increased. When you want to ride bitless, you are probably looking for a bitless bridle. You must always opt for high quality. At Art of Riding, you know that you are in the right place: the best quality and lots of choices. So you always succeed with us for a bitless bridle.

Art of Riding

We are Art of Riding, and we think that every horse or pony deserves a bitless bridle. Regardless of the level of your horse or pony: there is always a suitable bitless bridle. Renate Essink founded Art of Riding from her passion for horse riding. She discovered the countless possibilities of bitless riding. At the shop Art of Riding, you can not only go for all tools, but we also always like to advise you.

The types of bitless bridles?

In our assortment, you will find complete bitless bridles, bitless nose parts, and spare parts for bitless bridles. All bridles can be adjusted in several places and are available in different sizes from mini up till the Shire. The differences in a bitless bridle are:

In addition to the bitless options, you will also find the following products in our assortment: different reins with clip and buckle closures and the specially designed bridle for the bitless nose parts where the headpieces are shorter than a bridle suitable for a bit.

Why do you choose for bitless riding?

There are several reasons why riders choose bitless riding. Maybe the horse has had a bad experience with a bit; you want to use it temporarily or and of course, you can choose to train a young horse bitless. Others choose principle for bitless; for the welfare of the horse. As owner Renate himself says: "I soon discovered that bitless riding does not end up being riding with a bit. You can ride the same exercises and have as much fun with your horse, or much more. The trust in your horse is growing by the day, and it gives you a sense of freedom, especially if you're riding without a saddle or barebackpad. "Discover also the possibilities of bitless riding and order the supplies directly in our webshop!

Place your order directly!

Order a bitless bridle? You indeed find it in our webshop. If you have any questions, we are always ready to help you further. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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