Balance rein - Cordeo

Thinking of bitless riding a cordeo or balance rein is not the first thing that appears in to head. But the riding ring certainly is a bitless system. The only contact as communication between rider and horse is the cordeo or balance rein. 

What is the difference between a cordeo and a balance rein?

A cordeo is an adjustable ring that comes around the horse's neck. The ring often has a metal core wrapped with soft material, but can also be made of leather. A balance rein is an additional rein in addition to the regular rein. A balance rein is flexible and usually made of leather, rope, or a combination of both.

Riding with a cordeo.

The cordeo is a replacement for the bridle. When riding with a cordeo, you steer by placing the riding ring against the neck of the horse. The horse turns away from the pressure. So if you place the riding ring on the left side against the horse's neck, the horse will go to the right

Riding with a balance rein

The balance rein can be used in combination with a regular rein. The balance rein is used with young horses to ride the standard reins with less pressure and to have more control over placing the shoulders. The balance reins can also give the rider more support in situations when the horse panic under the saddle, so that the rider does not put too much pressure on the reins.

The balance rein can also give the horse more balance. The pressure against the horse's chest ensures that the weight is placed more to the hindlegs; this will give the horse more freedom of movement in the front legs. The horse starts to move more from behind, over the back into the hand of the rider with softer contact.

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