Bitless Riding

There is increasingly being chosen to ride bitless with horses. It's not just a lot friendlier and finer for your horse, but you also build more mutual trust with your horse. At the shop from Art of Riding is the right choice for when you want to ride bitless with your horse and pony. We have all the necessary items in our range. Each bridle and system has its own action. It is important to mention that bitless is not by definition horse friendlier, because that naturally determines the rider hand.However, it is a lot nicer and comfortabeler for your horse!We would like to tell you what exactly bitless driving means.

What is bitless riding?

Actually it is pretty clear what bitless riding means, but we still want to pay attention to what this exactly means. Bitless means that you train your horse without a bit in the mouth. Instead of a bit you choose a bridle with or without leverage, direct or indirect reining aids.

Why riding bitless?

We see more and more often that riders choose to rise bitless, there are several reasons for. Sometimes it is temporary, because the horse has a problem in the mouth and is not able to ride with a bit, or to prevent the (young)horse being disturbed too much in the mouth. In addition, riders also consciously choose to ride bitless; as a matter of principle. It doesn't matter what the reason is, what is important is that you choose the right bitless bridle for your horse and always of good quality. With us you can always count on the best quality!

The range of Art of Riding

In our shop you will find many products, such as:

When you are considering making the switch to bitless riding, we are happy to help you. It can sometimes be difficult for riders to determine which bridle is needed. Perhaps it is still unknown territory for you and you find it a bit strange. Art of Riding helps you finding the perfect bitless bridle for your horse and pony.

About Art of Riding

Art of Riding was founded by Renate Essink. Renate has learned how to ride on the riding school and eventually resulted in her own horse. Based on her passion and experience she has founded Art of Riding: the art of riding, that stands for more with less. This way she discovered the many possibilities of bitless riding. Art of Riding is not only a webshop, but you can also submitting all questions concerning bitless riding, academic riding and riding with a bareback pad.

Order immediately!

Have you seen the right products in the webshop for bitless riding? Order it today. Or are you still not completely out? We always help you find the right bridle! Art of Riding stands for quality. If you are not satisfied, please let us know! Questions about the products, order or bitless riding? Feel free to contact us.

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