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The Beris Jointed Pelham bit is often used for horses that prove to strong in a snaffle, the Pelham is a very popular bit. It uses a variety of pressures, which all in all seem to work together to prove a very useful bit.

Basically the Beris Jointed Pelham is an incorporation of the Weymouth and bradoon, and should theoretically be used with 2 reins.
The first rein is attached to the snaffle rein, and the second rein attached to the ring at the bottom of the shank.
When the first rein is used the Pelham acts like a hanging cheek snaffle, putting slight pressure on the poll and carious pressures in the mouth depending on the mouthpiece.
When the second rein is brought into play, this increases the leverage and lip pressure, and also the curb chain comes into play. The greater the distance between the cheek slot and the mouthpiece the greater the poll pressure. The greater the length of shank the greater the amount of leverage.
The curb chain or band should be fitted so that the curb chain or band, tightens when the second rein is brought into play, but there must be a bit of give so not to tighten up straight away.

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