ThinLine Comfort Bareback pad with girth

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Thinline bareback pad the most comfortable bareback pad ever! Exceptional shock absorption for riders and horses with a non-slip seat for extreme comfort. The High-Density polymer with a high shock-absorbent functionality developed by Thinllne itself. The comfort bareback pad from Thinline is many times thinner than other shock-absorbing materials but has up to 95% more shock-absorbing effect.

General information Thinline Comfort Barebackpad

  • universal size (large C pony up to large horses)
  • colors black and brown
  • including girth reinforced with leather
  • thin high-density filling
  • super close contact
  • non-slip bottom (honeycomb structure)
  • anatomically shaped (Less suitable for high withers)
  • no possibility of bracket fixing
  • density filling leaves backbone free
  • 4 D-rings (2 front and 2 rear)
  • Long girth thrusts, making them suitable for large horses


Advantages of Thinline comfort bareback pad:

  • extremely thin for close contact
  • non-slip seat for the rider
  • high-density filling (95% shock-absorbing)
  • lightweight
  • molds itself to the horse (very flexible)
  • non-slip bottom (honeycomb structure)


The Thinline bareback pad is ideal for:

  • Horses with low to medium withers.
  • Riders with back problems
  • Riders who want a close contact feeling
  • regular use


The Thinline comfort bareback pad is less suitable for:

  • horses with a pronounced backbone
  • very high withers
  • Small ponies (below C ponies)


Sizing Details

  • 25.5″ – 64.5 cm in total length
  • 23″ – 58.4 cm spine length
  • 15.5″ – 39.4 cm front drop
  • 12″ – 30.5 cm rear drop



Wipe the bottom of the bareback pad with a damp sponge and wipe with a dry cloth. The bareback pad is not suitable for the washing machine!


The Comfiest Bareback Pad Ever!

  • Extraordinary shock absorption for riders and horses
  • Natural seat with extreme comfort.
  • Non-slip, breathable material against the horses’ back ensures the pad stays in place.
  • Ultra ThinLine is bonded to a high-density polymer delivering the most shock-absorbing comfort ever available to bareback riders.
  • Leather reinforced billets with keepers on the non-slip girth.
  • Front and rear D-rings allow you to add additional equipment.
  • One size fits all, from pony to warmblood!
  • Ultimate connection with your horse


Tack Care Instructions

ThinLine Tack is extremely easy to take care of. We do strongly recommend using our all-natural ThinLine Cleaners when wiping down and cleaning your ThinLine Tack. It works great for our reins, boots, girths and more. Using baby wipes or a little simple dish soap works well for quick cleans up too.

To ensure the longevity of your ThinLine Tack. It is important to keep it away from chemicals such as Show Sheen, Fly Sprays, Leather Oils, etc. This can cause the ThinLine foam to harden. Be certain to clean thoroughly if they come in contact. If you are conditioning a leather portion of ThinLine Tack, we recommend using a paste-like style to control the application.

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