Do you also want that ultimate feeling of freedom when you are riding on your horse? A great mutual trust? Then choose for riding on a bareback pad. You increase your balance, posture, seat, and feeling. A bareback pad allows you to ride more comfortably than riding without a pad or saddle, especially on horses with a higher withers. It is important that you have a good bareback path of the best quality. This way you can be sure that you will enjoy it for a long time and gives you a safe and comfortable feeling. At Art of Riding, you can find your perfect bareback pad and a lot more riding equipment. Everything to stimulate/enhance the feeling of freedom and confidence! Think, for example, of bitless riding.

Who are we?

We are Art of Riding and it is our aim to offer you everything you need for riding in a friendly, pleasant way. Art of Riding was founded in 2014 by Renate Essink. Once started riding in the riding school and eventually followed an own horse. Soon she discovered the possibilities of bitless riding. Especially in combination with a bareback pad gave her the feeling of freedom and the stimulation of a strong bond with her horse. We want to give you this feeling too! That is why you find the right products in our store. For example, think of:

What exactly is a bareback pad?

With some bareback pads you can attach stirrups with stirrup straps. Some bareback pads are made of sheepskin. We also have bareback pads with and without inserts. These inserts give more support and comfort to the rider's seat and horses back. The natural materials, including the sheepskin, regulate moisture and heat. It also adapts to the anatomical shape of the horse. There are many possibilities and, if desired, we will gladly advise you about the possibilities. Bareback pads of synthetic wool and cotton where no stirrup straps and stirrups can be attached and have no inserts are also available in our range.

What should you pay attention to?

With a bareback pad it is important that you pay attention to a number of points. Look especially at the model of a bareback path. There are different choices regarding materials, so look at the advantages and disadvantages of this. The advantage of bareback pads with inserts is that it leaves the horses spine free. The inserts can be placed into the bareback pad in the pockets at the left and right under the seat area. This increases comfort for you, but also for your horse. And of course, you also have a choice of colors. Go for a timeless color so that you are not tired of it for a long time. Riding on a bareback pad increases mutual trust.

Order your bareback pad directly!

Are you looking for a bareback pad? Order it easily in our webshop! Do you have questions or do you want more information about bareback pads or bitless riding? Please feel free to contact us. Art of Riding is pleased to help you out with all your questions!

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