Tellington TTouch Tellington TTouch Balance Rein Woven

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The TTouch Balance Rein is used as a second rein around the neck of your horse, which improves the horse's balance.
It is used with a bridle for horses who have a tendency to come above the bit or behind the vertical, in combination with a snaffle or the TTouch Side Pull Lindell.
The Balance Rein collects the horse and keeps him in a state of balance. The Balance Rein also invites horses to bring their backs up, to lengthen, and to round the neck. The Tellington TTouch Balance rein is made of woven nylon rope with a leather section within reach. The balance rein is adjustable with buckle closure, making it suitable for large and small horses.
Color black is temporally not available back in stock mid June 2020
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