F.R.A. Babia Rope Halter Pony

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The FRA Babia rope halter is a good quality riding and training halter of 8 mm nylon. The halter is easy to put on and off with a simple button.

  • row halter
  • training halter
  • 8 mm propylene
Pony available in FRA Ruchi Colors
Mini Shet and Shetty only in black, red and blue colors
What size halter do I need?
You measure the size for F.R.A.® halters by taking the circumference of the nose just below the cheekbones:
  • <44 cm Mini Shetty
  • 44- 52cm shetty
  • 52-60cm pony

ATTENTION: a rope halter can work sharply on the head of your horse. This halter is, therefore, only intended for training and is not suitable as stable and meadow halter!

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