F.R.A. Anka Rijring-Cordeo

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The FRA Anka rordeo made of high and heavy quality, which you will enjoy for a long time.

  • adjustable cordeo
  • 12 mm thick cotton
  • with stainless steel core
  • soft feel in the hand
  • gives pressure on the neck 
  • universal size, easily adjustable

The cordeo is covered by the bitless bridles. The cordeo and is suitable for the beginner as well as the advanced rider.
When riding with a cordeo, the aids are given on the neck of the horse and with your seat and body.

The Anka cordeo is a firm cordeo for the neck of the horse. This is due to the stainless steel metal core. This metal core is covered with the thick layer of cotton. The cordeo has a thickness of 12 mm and can be easily adjusted in size. The metal core is of high quality and always moves back to its original shape in normal use.


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