De Groene Os Acidophilus Complex

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What are probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial bacterial strains that promote good intestinal flora. This is important for digestion and resistance. The use of Acidophilus complex can be useful for a changing diet, travel or during an antibiotic treatment. There are many different types of bacteria with sometimes different properties. A combination of bacterial strains can provide a broader effect.

Intestinal flora and digestion

Digestion is a process that ensures that nutrients are absorbed and that waste substances are excreted. The absorption mainly takes place in the intestines. In the intestines houses both favorable and unfavorable inhabitants: bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The unfavorable bowel dwellers (in addition to bacteria also to worms) toxins and gases, the beneficial intestinal bacteria ensure a good digestion of nutrients and contribute to a good resistance. These beneficial intestinal bacteria are therefore vitally important. An excess of unfavorable intestinal bacteria, fungi and yeast, however, disrupts the appetite for the beneficial intestinal bacteria.

The climate in the intestines, also known as intestinal flora, largely determines the quality of the absorption of nutrients. A balanced intestinal flora has an abundance of beneficial intestinal bacteria that protect animals against the unfavorable intestinal bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The better the balance in the intestinal flora, the better the resistance of the animal.


Dissolve powder in lukewarm water, leave for 10 minutes, stir well and administer.
Preferably on an empty stomach or half an hour before feeding.

  • 1 times daily 2.5 scoop
In case of acute use: keep the same amount, but give it twice a day.
Do not exceed the recommended amount, unless the doctor or therapist prescribes otherwise.


Contains no soy, yeast, gluten, sucrose, gelatine, preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances. May contain traces of lactose.
Intestinal bacteria are body-own. The bacteria from Acidophilus Complex are active in the intestines and are not absorbed into the internal body environment.
An overdose at the recommended dose therefore hardly occurs.

Packaging: bottle 50 grams.

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