Rein with clip and buckle

Reins become in different lengths, widths, thicknesses with a clip or with buckle closure etc. How do you determine which rein you need? To simplify your choice, read the differences in reins from our shop below.

Reins with clip closure

Reins with clip closure are used in Academic training and straightness training. Many bitless bridles are used in combination with reins with clip closure.
The clip closure on both sides of the rein makes it easier to change from groundwork to work to hand. During groundwork, one clip is attached to the middle ring of the cavesson and during work in hand, both clips attached to the cavesson, bit or bitless bridle.
During work on hand, the reins slide through the manes of your horse. It is recommended to use reins without buckle in the middle during work in hand, but to use a continuous rein. The buckle in the middle of the rein can get stuck in the horse's manes and your aids will be disturbed.

Rein with buckle

These reins are the most famous reins in dressage and show jumping. Reins with buckle closure is used to attach to the shanks or to a bit. Reins with clip closure is less suitable to attach to shanks or a bit because of metal on metal, which means that aids do not get through as well.

Reins with grip

If you often lose your reins or you want something more to hold on to, then a rein with grip is a godsend. Reins with grip have a rubber layer on one side or are made of cotton and woven with rubber.


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