Long reins - Work at the long rein

Work on the long rein is a nice change for the horse and rider and a supplement to the training under the saddle or for the carriage. Ideal for when you can not ride and still want to be involved with dressage. Working on the long rein strengthens communication between you and your horse, increases trust and mutual respect.
Work on the long rein is used in the Classic Dressage where you walk next to and behind the horse. This is also a risky position. It is therefore important that when you start working on the long rein that you have a good horse that does not kick quickly with the legs.

Which styles long rein work are there?

Vienna and Italian style:
With this style, you use a bridle and long reins. You maintain physical contact with your horse and are close behind or next to the horse at the level of the hindquarters. You can see this style at the Viennese Riding School, among other things
The French style can be seen at the Catre Noir in Saumur (French Riding School). In the French style, a girth is used and the reins run through the rings of the girth to the bit. The rider goes further behind the horse and switching to working on the double lunge is quite natural for your horse. The French style is more convenient for horses that start work on the long rein and with larger horses.

What do you need for working on the long rein?

  • Long lines of 8 to 9 meters (later in the course 5 meters)
  • Bridle or cavesson (bitless or with a bit)
  • Possibly a bit (Full cheek)
  • Gloves
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Possibly an unfortunate with large rings
At Art of Riding, you can go for all the tools for working on the long rein
In our assortment you will find:
  • Long reins
  • Lunging ring with big rings
  • Bridles Bitless
  • Cavessons
  • Bits
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