Bridles and Accessories

Bridles consist of various parts such as the headpiece, cheek pieces, browband, chin strap, nose strap, reins, and throat latch. Many parts are available separately, so it is not necessary to replace the entire bridle, but only the part of the bitless bridle.

Bridle parts.

If a part of your bitless bridle needs to be replaced, you will find it in our shop. If the part is not available in the shop, but we do sell the brand, send us an email and we will see if this part is available separately.

Bridle accessories.

To make the bridle more comfortable for your horse, you will find pads for the headpiece and nose and chin strap in our shop. But also fly mask that is specially designed to attach to your bridle. These fly masks are not only to ward off the flies around the eyes, but also serve as UV protection. The perfect sunglasses for your horse!

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