Snaffle & Curb bits

In the Academic Art of Riding & Straightness training, the bit is used later on in the training in combination with a cavesson. This combination is also used in the Classical Dressage, but also only with a bit.

A bit is an important tool for the communication with the horse, it is the barometer that gives you a lot of information about the horse, as long as the rider is open to it and can receive the information.

A well-fitting bit is therefore very important. There are many different types of bits available, it is important that you make the right choice. Below a number of bits that are used in Classical and Academic Art of Riding:

  • Loose ring snaffles
  • Fixed Cheek snaffles
  • Full cheek 
  • Kimblewick
  • Kandare
  • Curb bit
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